• 6 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms


The “Frequency Illusion” Phenomenon is when someone stumbles upon a unique piece of information and then soon afterwards finds themselves encountering the same subject again, repeatedly. I have been grappling with this since encountering 2471 Claremont. The home’s sheer scale (4,795 sq/ft), it's clean powerful lines, it's diverse dynamic views, it's multi-level design, it's massive open living areas and intimate private spaces make it so unique and so rare that it can’t help but take root in one’s imagination long after encountering it. I literally found myself Richard Dreyfus-ing my mashed potatoes last night in the shape of 2471 Claremont a la "Close Encounters". Yes, this home is that powerful. I’ve driven these streets for more than a decade and never saw 2471 Claremont hiding in plain sight, but now that I know she is there, I cannot take my eyes off this glorious beacon, this phoenix rising from the hills of Los Feliz. 2471 Claremont is a home to come home to, again and again.

Offered at $1,999,999